The most important directions of activities of our company include:

Specialised earth works

Specialised earth works, in particular land grading, excavations, base reinforcement, replacement and stabilisation of the soil

Road building

Road building, in particular comprehensive development of road systems with asphalt, concrete and precast concrete surfaces including redevelopment of external networks, development, repair and stabilisation of road embankments

Hydro-engineering works

Hydro-engineering works, in particular development, redevelopment, and repair of the quays, deepening and cleaning of the bottom of water courses and reservoirs

Railroad construction

Railroad construction, in particular construction, repair and reinforcement of railway fills, construction of railroad crossings, rail bed and drainage works

Crossing structures

Crossing structures, in particular development, redevelopment, repair of bridges, flyovers, tunnels, underpasses, retaining walls, pedestrian bridges

Demolition works

Demolition works including removal of underwater parts of crossing structures

Enclosed structures

Enclosed structures, in particular development of institutional facilities, halls and industrial facilities, as well as construction works on architectural monuments

Underwater works

Underwater works, in particular related to inspection, maintenance and repairs of the underwater parts of crossing structures and hydro-engineering structures

The completed projects are our best showcases.

Currently on-going

Reconstruction of the Spa House in Gdańsk Brzeźno

Architectural monuments Demolitions Earth works Home Hydro-engineering works Institutional facilities

Helipad for emergency helicopters at the Mikołaj Kopernik Hospital – Gdańsk

Crossing structures Home

Old Pharmacy and Gate Passage at the Wybrzeże Theatre, Gdańsk

Architectural monuments Enclosed structures Home Institutional facilities

Equipment Resources

As a result of successive investments in construction equipment, Poleko had a wide range of equipment since the beginning of its activities.

The equipment resources which constitute a basis for development of current construction projects allow us to optimise the services we provide in economical and organisational terms.

The continuously developed and upgraded equipment resources make us even more effective in planning and developing construction projects.

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About Us

Poleko Budownictwo Sp. z o.o. is an engineering and building company with traditions reaching back to 1995. Our company initiated its activities as Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane (Construction Company) conducting earth and demolition works.

As a result of efficient completion of the contracts the company systematically increased its turnover and reinforced its position on the local construction market, extending the scope of its activities with reinforced concrete works.

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